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Try These Drinks During Happy Hours and Unwind Your Day in The Best Possible Way

It has been a hectic day at work. You had time for just a cup of coffee before scurrying to work, stuffed a muffin before the morning meeting, couldn’t get your hands-on lunch as you were busy talking to a client and grabbed a handful of peanuts before leaving your office. You’ve had only 35 calories intake. So how do you unwind the day? -Happy hours!

You may still feel the anxiety within you. You feel like alcohol is the only thing that keeps you sane now. Try the happy hour drink specials at Harriet’s Inn from 3 to 6pm, 9pm to close.  Check out their extensive menu and either spend a relaxed evening there with a college or catch your favorite match.

Now that you are out of college, you’ll have to make better alcohol choices. You have to get a drink that is delicious, de-stresses you yet doesn’t get you drunk.

Drinks to try after work:

  • Long Island Ice Tea: The entire day has been stressful and this perfect combination of alcohols including vodka, tequila, white rum and gin would calm your nerves.
  • Sangria: You feel so productive after giving your best at work. It is to time reward yourself and celebrate your accomplishments with white or red sangria. Its fruity smooth mixture is very satisfying.

  • Chateau Souverian Cab: We all have those occasional confused days when we feel utterly clueless wondering what we did all day and how to keep things moving forward at work. Life seems blurry right now. Sip some Chateau Souverian Cab and fix your troubles. It is sure to leave you relaxed.
  • Cosmpolitian: It does sound a bit girly but is also synonymous with power. If it is one of those good days when you feel you can accomplish anything single-handedly try it.
  • Margarita: You are feeling focused and satisfied with life. You love your job. Add a dash of tequila to celebrate life.
  • Bulleit Rye Whiskey: It has a bold and distinct taste which is perfect to complete an exhausted day at work. Though it sounds like a lot to handle, you’ll thank us later after trying it. 

Your choice of cocktails reveals a lot about you. Gin and Tonic screams sophistication. Amaretto Sour contains mild liquor and tells you are a responsible drinker who doesn’t want to get hammered. When you opt for Manhattan instead of the classic Sex and the City and Cosmopolitan, you like to flaunt your love for cherry garnish.

A great vibe, awesome food and drinks menu, entertainment are the components of happy hours. Take a break and have fun.

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