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Tips for a Post-Pandemic Party

We are all looking forward to reopening the world and here in New Zealand we are more than ready to return to normal and what better time to organise a party! Whether you are a great host, or you are new to arranging parties, here are a few tips to make the night one to be remembered for all the right reasons.

  • Find some cool games – This is a great way to ensure that everyone has a great time; the Internet hosts a wealth of resources for fun adult games and you know your guests as well as anybody.
  • Have a silent disco – Perfect of you live in an urban setting; there are online providers of hi-end Bluetooth headphones and with your playlists, everyone can rock in silence! Rent 20 pairs (or however many you need) and they will show you how to set up the system; you can have multiple channels to suit all tastes and when you want to chat, take of the headphones. It’s hard to imagine such a social gathering but we are sure you’ll love it and you won’t have to worry about the neighbours!
  • Drinks – Have a good selection and include a mixed selection of locally brewed craft beer and order a big ice tub and fill it up. Try to cater for all and don’t forget mixers and non-alcoholic drinks, some people might be driving; fresh fruit juice is a must!
  • Bring a dish – This is a great way to ensure a wide variety menu; ask all guests to bring at least one dish and see how that turns out. No one will be leaving hungry and you usually end up with a varied selection. You could announce the theme is ‘world cuisines’ and ask guests to bring one example and the uncertainty adds a new level to the ambience. Prepare a couple of long tables and direct your guests to place their dishes as they head to the bar.
  • Camping in the garden – If you plan for a Saturday night (Friday works too), why not tell your guests to bring their tent and sleeping bag and you can go all night! No one has to worry about driving and with copious amounts of beer and food, everyone will have a ball!

Summer is on its way and that’s the ideal time to organise a post-pandemic party and celebrate the return to normal.

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