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The Important Permits and Licenses You Will Require to Open A Restaurant

When you are thinking of opening a restaurant many essential requirements need to be fulfilled. This involves paperwork and necessary food licenses are required. You need to maintain patience during the process as it is an absolute necessity if you wish to grow your restaurant business.

Restaurant business appears to be lucrative to entrepreneurs. They can get success in this line if they abide by the rules and regulations and have the right license and permit. If you are going to sell liquor in your restaurant in Florida, then you will require a Central Floriday liquor license. Beverage License Specialists help in determining the best type of license for your business.

Permits and Licenses You Will Need to Open A Restaurant

  •  Business License

In the United States, every business should have a valid license to work legally. The charges include a registration fee which is around $ 50 along with a filing fee for the license. It is from $25 to $500. The cost of the license is based on the address of your restaurant. As there is a database in every city, you can find out the address that comes within the city’s municipality.

  • Liquor License

It is compulsory if you are going to serve alcohol in your restaurants. The rules vary in each state with regard to the keeping of permits and licenses. The laws are very strict, you can lose your license if you are serving alcohol to minors, improper conduct is observed, over serving is done and if drinks are served during inappropriate timings.

  • Foodservice License

This license is given by the city’s health department. It varies location wise. Foodservice license is given to ensure that the restaurant is abiding food safety regulations or not. The check is performed by the authorized person from time to time.

  •  Employee Identification Number (EIN)

It is a tax ID number. It can be applied online and one time it is free. It is important to have an Employee Identification Number.

  • Food Handler’s Permit

It ensures that proper hygiene is maintained in your restaurant and it is a legal necessity. All the workers in the restaurants have to complete a food handler’s course approved by the state. The cost of the permit differs from state to state. It expires after 3 to 5 years.

  • Sign Permit

To put a creative and attractive restaurant sign, you will need a sign permit. The cost, sizing, and location are determined by the city, where the restaurant will be established.


Thus, it is a compulsory requirement to have the license and permit to open a restaurant. It also involves a lot of paperwork which is an essential part of the process, before you proceed to open your food establishment.

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