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Ido Fishman’s Guide for Operating a Successful Restaurant

Since forever, food has been one of the most demanding and lucrative businesses in the entire world. No matter where you go in the world, you would see people cooking food and serving it to the customers for money. Over time, this business has grown enormously big and now, it is a multi-trillion dollar business all over the world. Every day, thousands of restaurants are being opened around the world but majority of them close down. This is because majority of the owners think that serving food is the only thing to run a restaurant.

If that were the case then no restaurant would ever close down, yet they are. This means that there are always rules and ways of running restaurants. If you want to learn about running a restaurant, then you can learn from Ido Fishman, who has several restaurants around the world. He is a chef by profession but he is also known for being an enthusiastic blogger. He has done several cuisine courses where Korean Cuisine Course, Chinese Cuisine Course, French Cuisine Course are top of the list. He tends to share his experiences, and tips around running restaurants through his Ido Fishman Food Blog.

Here are some of the major tips and guides to running a restaurant and make it a successful business:

What is Your Food Concept and Then Hire the Right Chef

There have been several instances where a Chinese restaurant was opened and the chef hired for its kitchen was a Japanese cooking one. It is okay to trust the learning skills of a chef but it is a mistake in thinking that the Japanese cuisine chef would perfectly cook Chinese cuisines instantly. This is the reason why if your restaurant’s concept is Italian food, then hire a chef who does justice with it. Always make sure that you also have a taste for the Italian food so you can test the cooking skills of the chef yourself.

If you hire the right chef, then you do not have to worry about the kitchen at all because the chef would take care of the kitchen with full responsibility. Another major thing to keep in mind is to choose the right cuisines for the customers. Know your area and the kind of food people like to eat, and then offer them quality food that they would like.

You should have the Budget to Back Your Restaurant

If you are hoping for returns the very first day of opening up your restaurant, then you are making the worst mistake ever. Always remember that running a restaurant takes times, especially, when it comes to building up a customer base. For at least six months, you restaurant may test your patience and impact your bank balance before money starts flowing in. If you have followed the first step the right way, then do not worry as the customers would start building.

Mostly, people rely upon the returns from their restaurants’ first week’s earnings to pay off their employees. This is a big mistake that a person would make and crash their entire restaurant. Remember, first few months mean you will have to pay for everything out of your own pocket so have enough funds ready for it.

Want People to Remember Your Restaurant, Have a Memorable Logo

According to Ido Fishman, a restaurant’s logo is something that works as the top marketing factor. If you want people to visit your restaurant and then remember it, have a logo that is catchy and has your restaurant’s name in it. This ensures that people remember the logo as well as the name of the restaurant. The logo of your restaurant means that you are loyal and legit, and are always aiming to provide the best to your customers.

Have a Neat and Simple Menu

If you have decided to have a conceptual restaurant, then it is advised you stick with it unless you want to change the concept entirely. This is because if you go for too many options, you would find it very difficult to put everything on a small menu. Therefore, it is highly recommended you stick with a reasonable amount of dishes so the menu does not become a complex equation for the guests to solve and understand.

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