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Don’t miss these 4 tips for dining at a Japanese Restaurant

Traditional Japanese dishes are incredibly popular in the US. There are restaurants that serve authentic fare, and the list of dishes and options extend beyond the sushi. If you visit a popular Japanese Restaurant in Denver, you would be surprised to find the range of salads, curries, and tempura fries they have on offer – everything as close to Japan as it can be. For your first visit, we have a few tips that you may find handy.

  1. Don’t confuse between sashimi and sushi

Guests often believe that sushi is just about raw fish. That isn’t true. Sushi basically contains Japanese rice, which has been seasoned with rice vinegar and includes a filling. The filling can be fish (raw or cooked), chicken, pork, or even just veggies. There are varied variations of sushi, and the type that’s rolled in nori seaweed is the most popular. Sashimi refers to raw cuts of fish and meat, made out of fresh produce and served as it is with dipping sauces.

  1. Knowing manners with chopsticks

Never leave your chopsticks in a bowl vertically. You are not expected to lick your chopsticks, but clean it with a napkin. Japanese take their chopsticks seriously, so if you don’t know how to use them, just use your hands or a fork. For instance, pointing chopsticks at someone is bad manners, and you shouldn’t playful with them. Do not pass food or a bite with chopsticks – most people will stare back at you. It is true that you are expected to eat sushi with chopsticks¸ but fork works fine too.

  1. Find your dip

Sauces and dips are an integral part of Japanese cuisine. Soy sauce and wasabi will be served with most foods, and you may have picked ginger and radish on the side too. Never pour your dips on the food. Instead, take a small chunk between your chopsticks and dip it in the sauce. If you are having good sushi, chef has already done a good job at seasoning the rice, so soy sauce is not compulsory.

  1. Rice and soup are must-haves

Japanese love their rice, and they can have it for all three meals of the day. Soups are equally popular and can be consumed right away. In fact, when it comes to ramen, you are expected to finish the soup before noodles get soggy and soft. Slurping is completely okay at a Japanese restaurant.

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