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4 Biggest Cooking Mistakes You’re Making

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a pro, mistakes happen in the kitchen. Even though it may seem like it’s only you, the truth is that it can happen to the best of us!  The good news about mistakes is that usually they can be avoided— it’s all about knowing how. Rectifying the most common cooking pitfalls can not only make your food taste better, and come out faster, it can completely change your cooking game. Here are some of the biggest cooking mistakes you may be making and how to fix them.

Cooking Rice Manually

Everyone could use a little extra time in their lives to spend more of what they love doing, not necessarily cooking all the time! Regardless of whether you’re in your retirement years, or just about to graduate high school, most people can agree they’d rather be doing the things they love rather than monitoring a pot on their stovetop.  

Buying an instant rice cooker can be a game changer, particularly if you’re cooking multiple things at once. It’s as simple as “setting it and forgetting it” and doing everything else you have to do. Not only is it less stressful, but your rice will come out even better than it would have had you cooked it manually.

Neglecting a Simmer

A lot of people are in such a rush to finish their meal that they ignore cooking instructions that require a simmer. They go straight to a boil, and unfortunately, flavors, textures, and ingredients fail to develop as they should. A slow cook can bring out even more flavor, and completely change the way our recipe comes out. If you’re really in a rush, consider using a Crockpot to do the simmering for you while you’re focused on your to-dos. But by all means, don’t rush through a recipe if you hope for it to come out the way it should.

Neglecting Seasoning

Some people are familiar with salt and pepper, and that’s about it. However, seasonings can completely transform your meals. From rosemary to chives, to cumin, there’s a whole galaxy of flavors out there waiting to be discovered. 

However, don’t make the mistake of adding any old spice to any old meal. Certain spices can completely ruin a meal, so familiarize yourself with them before you start using them freely.


Overcooking is one of the biggest offenses you can make in the cooking world, particularly if you’re preparing meat. Even though it may seem harmless to step away from your stove or oven for a little longer than you should, overcooking can completely ruin your meal. Always err on the side of caution, and go slowly. Remember, you can always cook something a little longer, but if something’s overcooked, there’s no going back.

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