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3 Tips For Learning The Secrets Of Your Family Recipes

When many people think about their grandparents, especially their grandmothers, they often think about the cooking and baking they did for them and their families on special occasions. And while some of these recipes might be things that could be found online, if your grandparents are nearing old age and will soon be moving into assisted living facilities, you might want to spend some time with them learning these family recipes that everyone loves so much.

To help you with this process, here are three tips for learning the secrets of your family recipes. 

Learn The Nuances Of Her Recipes

While your grandmother might have many of her recipes written down, you might find that the directions in the recipes aren’t always followed exactly or specified how you might want them to be. Many people who’ve been cooking for decades find that they can cook more by feel rather than by exact measurements, so it’s now up to you to learn how to do this with your grandma’s recipes. 

To do this, try watching her cook the recipe how she normally does it. Try to keep track of where she might deviate from the written recipe so that you can do the same. Notice what she measures and what she doesn’t. And for the things that she doesn’t measure, take a look to see about what amount she uses so that you can do the same when you go to make the recipe on your own. 

Learn What Brands Of Ingredients Shes Uses

In a written recipe, your grandma might not have specified what brand of ingredients she uses for her recipes. But in many cases, if you want to get the exact taste and final product that she has, you’ll want to use the exact ingredients that she uses. 

As you watch her cook, take notice of what brand she’s using for each item in the recipe, and ask her if she always uses that brand or changes it up sometimes. She might know something about the brands that you don’t, which could result in a poorer quality recipe if you use a different brand on occasion. 

Ask Lots Of Questions Along The Way

Cooking together is a great way for you to learn the recipes that your family has come to love from your grandma. But this time can be about so much more than just the food. 

As you cook alongside your grandma, ask questions about the recipe and food but also about her life and the stories behind these recipes. This way, when you go to cook them on your own, you can remember her better and the importance each dish had to her. 

If you’re wanting to learn the secrets of your grandma’s family recipes, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you best gain the information you’re seeking. 

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